Thad Miller - Sales Guy

I officially entered the printing industry in 1993 when I joined my family's business.  However, my experience in the industry dates back to my early teenage years when my cheap labor was a highly sought after commodity for doing various fulfillment jobs and making deliveries.  My current clients span a wide range of industries such as finance, education, healthcare and manufacturing.   The relationships I have developed with my customers (many of which are over a decade old) and the trust they place in me to meet their needs are what make this line of work so rewarding. 

In 2010 I joined the SVO team.  While many in the printing industry have not kept up with the times, SVO has emerged as a leader in the printing and marketing services industry.  SVO prides itself in listening to the needs of its clients and has made significant investments in technologies that will keep you ahead of the competition.

I'm married and have two young children.  When I'm not working or changing diapers I can be found sailing with my family, racing sailboats on Raritan Bay or hang gliding.